Since 2007 we have been committed to promoting African coffee. It has been our main mission from the very beginning of the business. Most of our coffees come from the Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union, a fully fair trade-certified farmer-owned coffee cooperative in northern Malawi. We continue the fair-trade environment by exercising fair trade practices, by paying the farmers a fair trade price, as well. Malawian farmers in the Cooperative receive a fair-trade premium on top of the specialty grade premium we pay for the Mzuzu coffee. We do also sell Ethiopian, Zimbabwean, and, at times, other African coffees. We import the green beans to Mozambique and roast them in small batches ourselves in our Roastery, creating our signature roasts and blends. We cup (taste) each batch to ensure quality and consistency.
Cafe Sol 2020
Full City
Decaf Sidamo
City Dragon
Rua Beijo Da Mulata, No 98 Barrio Sommechield II, Maputo, Mozambique